Hygiene and safety mesures

Statement of Exceptional Measures for Summer 2020

Important information for guests before arrival (attached in PDF)

Due to the uncertainty caused by the different international, European and national restrictions that each government dictates in his country and to guarantee a better service to our guests, we are going to start this tourist season 2020 with opening only one of our CYE buildings and with the minimum services of self-catering. This means on one hand that the reservations effectuated for our property APARTAMENTS CYE SALOU can be transferred (without extra cost) to our property APARTHOTEL CYE HOLIDAY CENTRE, a building with wider exterior spaces, more services and a higher category. And on the other hand, that all the reservations already effectuated with a meal plan will become reservations based on self-catering, upon restitution or reduction of the total amount of the reservation.
Other services, such as the use of common areas, may be restricted in their use by our guests due to the limitations of capacity imposed by the Government. For this reason, the pool, terrace, garden or reception will be limited, restricted and controlled by our staff in order to strictly follow the current regulations.
The services of bar/restaurant, entertainment, and mini club are currently on hold and/or without public access. Some could be incorporated gradually during the month of July, always if circumstances allow it and assessing adequacy and safety at all times, but others like the indoor games room, vending machines as well as buffets may not be allowed.

Our reservations department is working actively and without resting to offer assistances to all of our customers by email.



The Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 is a new type of Coronavirus that can affect humans, detected for the first time in China in 2019. Most of the people have mild respiratory symptoms, but the virus can also cause serious pathologies. The transmission occurs by:

  • Exposure to bio aerosols of a person carrying the virus (sneezing, coughing or talking)
  • Contact with a person carrying the virus.
  • Contact with a contaminated surface.


Implement the necessary measures to prevent the formation of bio aerosols with the obligation of the use of face masks by our guests in all indoor areas, and outdoors when the social distance cannot be guaranteed, and the obligations for all the staff members to wear a face mask in all areas. Prevent infections by maintaining the social distances in all the common areas with limited capacity. And detect all the areas with surfaces that are contaminated easily to clean with the right equipment, according to the specifications and using officially certified disinfection materials and products.


Training conducted by our Employees and Managers

  • Online information course COVID SPACTIVA: All the employees
  • Online information course RED CROSS: All the employees
  • Online information course LABORATORIOS ISBO: The person in charge

Pending trainings 
On-site training for cleaning and disinfection by the company BUNZL SPAIN
(Pending to be done 1 or 2 days before opening) All our contracted employees and managers in charge)


Reference regulations applicable in our establishment

The Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality and the Secretary of State for Tourism, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, have prepared the following guides:


Health protocols for employees and guests
Business Plan (see attached document)
Contingency Plan (see attached document)
Protocols of cleaning and disinfection in the different areas of the hotel, from BUNZL Distribución Spain

Official health protocols for guests: 
Manual of precautions and good practises applicable to Tourist Apartments from Laboratories ISBO (see attached document).
Information, restrictions of common areas according to the limited capacity required in the different areas: Reception, pool, garden, terrace, bar, restaurant.


Precautionary measures:

  • Basic hygiene: The use of products certificated by the Government: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov-China/documentos/Listado_virucidas.pdf
  • Organizational: Application of the norms established according to the Business Plan and Contingency plan.
  • Legal: Consultations and adaptation of our RC insurance.
  • Informative: Placement of informative posters in all the areas with all the basic and specific recommendations, all the guests are provided with an informative document, and direct information from our employees.
  • Techniques: According to the regulations:
    Control of social distance, access and limited capacity in different zones.
    Placement of protective partitions in reception and bar.
    Placement of hydro-alcoholic solution in all the common areas.
    Placement of informative signs on floors and doors.
    Availability of necessary materials in case of a possible infection, IPE, face masks FFP2, approved protective screens, infrared thermometers and gloves



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